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Season passes to Snow Trails are on sale NOW through the Sandusky Ski Club.  We get a fantastic discount on these passes. There are two types of passes:  the Super Flex once-a-week pass and the Season Freedom every day pass. You can choose the day(s) you want to ski or board.  You may also purchase lessons, rentals, and helmets.  The lessons are cheap because you can take a group lesson EVERY time you go to Snow Trails. You may also purchase Snow Bucks before November 13. You pay $40 for $50 worth of food and stuff at the ski shop. (Snow Bucks MUST be purchased the same time your pass is purchased.)  You can also purchase a ski check pass for $10 (which is usually only open on weekends) and unlimited tubing for $60.

If you are getting a pass, then to get these prices YOU MUST buy the pass from me at any ski club meeting.  Make checks payable to:  Sandusky Ski Club. You MUST also fill out an application COMPLETELY PLEASE and legibly and sign and date it. Applications will be available at all meetings. 

You may also mail the application with your check, but make sure I receive it before the deadlines to give me time to order it before the prices go up at 11:59 pm on the deadline date!!  Mail to:  Elaine Brown

The application and price list are attached.  Thank you!

Elaine S. Brown - 419-656-6117 -
Lynn Loch -


Make checks out to the Sandusky Ski Club and mail directly to: Elaine Brown

Snow Trail Season Pass Rates

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