Sandusky Ski Club

             Simply More Than Skiing—Since 1962

Sandusky Ski Club History


The Sandusky Ski Club was originally part of the YMCA in downtown Sandusky. Bill Horn started the Ski Club for the YMCA and was the President while at the YMCA.


When the membership got down to about 12 members, Ed Rhode and others decided to reform the club and start over. Members where recruited from all over Erie and adjoining counties. They formed what is now the Sandusky Ski Club with Carl Lewis as President in 1962-63. Jim Singler was the second President in 1963-64 when Ed Dobrinsky joined the club along with several other single NASA employees. Ed Rhode was the third President in 1964-65 and Paul Goszyk was the fourth in 1965-66. Paul worked at Ford Motor Company and told Walter Schaufler, who also worked at Ford, about the club knowing Walter was from Austria and liked to ski. Walter and his wife Trude joined in 1965 and are still active members. In fact, three generations of Schauflers are currently in the Club.


Ed Dobrinsky told us that they had a lot of good times in those early days and did a lot of partying. Ed and Donna Rhode were the first marriage in the club. Ed Rhode mentioned that as the guys got married, their wives dragged them away from the club because of all the partying. This may be how we got the reputation of a “partying club” that we still have today.


The first ski trips were by car. According to Ed Dobrinsky, the first bus trip was in the 1966-67 season when Ed was the President. The trip when to Bristol, NY and the bus broke down in Vermilion. It was repaired and got as far as Cleveland where it was repaired again and they finally got to Bristol around 4:00 a.m. In the history of the Club, there have been two 3 bus trips. One in 1977, to Boyne Mt., MI when Lynn Holdren and Tiger Lifer ran the trip. In 1992, Al and Nancy Meyer were trip leaders when 3 buses went to Sugar Loaf, MI.


The early buses did not have toilets and made several “pit stops” before they reached their destination. That’s when the “Potty Award” was started and given to the person who had to stop the most often or made the most trips to the “Potty” once toilets were on the buses. Also in the early years, married couples did not room together. Accommodations were dorm style—sometimes even bunk beds. We’ve come a long way!


In 1971, the Sandusky Ski Club was named the “No. 1 Ski Club in the Midwest” by the U.S. Ski Association and presented with an engraved silver bowl. We are in the Central division and competed against clubs from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota with a membership of over 150 people. The criteria for the award was based on the organization, social activities, community service, junior programs and special projects of the Club as judged by the presentation of the 1970-71 scrapbook.